CSE 15L: Software Tools and Techniques Laboratory


Subversion Control, Makefiles, JUnit Testing, Debuggers, Ant, Logging, Shell Scripting, I would have never known any of these tools for software engineering if not for CSE 15L. This was a 2-unit course that I took with Paul Kube. Lectures were at 1pm on Mondays and Wednesdays, and following Wednesday lecture I had my weekly 2-hour 15L lab in B260, consisted of a pair-programming exercise and a small quiz afterwards. For a 2-unit class, I didn’t do a lot of workload outside of lecture and section, and most of that time was spent reviewing lectures.

One of the things that I liked about this course was the layout of the lecture slides. With each lecture brought a new topic, a new tool. The lecture slides were simply-worded, concise, and extremely helpful for review during midterm and finals week. They were also helpful to go over before going to 15L lab, especially to ace the small quizzes that tested little details.

The lab assignments during CSE 15L section is meant for pair programming; each week everyone would have a new partner to do the lab exercises which teach the new software tool. Through this layout I met many fellow programmers of all levels, and learned how to work with different people. Sometimes I have to be patient since it takes others longer to grasp the lab material, while other times I was the one catching up. It was a neat learning process that wrapped up with an ending quiz (that in my opinion, sometimes tested on too minute details). However, the tutors were always helpful during lab sections, and overall I had a good time taking this course.



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